The mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planter is now available
March 21, 2024

Launch of the Healthcare Planter Program


Ottawa, Ontario – During Horticulture Therapy Week, the Forget For A Moment Foundation, dedicated to integrating nature's healing power into healthcare settings, proudly announces a groundbreaking initiative. Marking a significant stride forward in healthcare innovation, Desjardins Ontario Credit Union has committed $45,000 toward the cost of donating of the first 30 mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planters to healthcare and long-term care residences in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

"We are immensely grateful to collaborate with Desjardins Ontario Credit Union on this groundbreaking initiative," stated Justin Thibault, President of the Forget For A Moment Foundation. "Their funding commitment towards the first 30 healthcare planters exemplifies a dedication to community well-being and innovation in healthcare and supports the launch of our Healthcare Planter Program.”

The JASMA Healthcare Planter, crafted by DKDI Inc., conceptualized by Angela Nauleau-Javaudin, and nurtured under the thoughtful guidance of our Foundation, alongside with the invaluable expertise of horticulture and healthcare professionals, marks a pivotal moment. This innovative endeavour not only advances the integration of nature-based therapies into healthcare but also marks a significant commitment to enhancing the holistic well-being of patients, residents, and healthcare professionals.

"Committed to the health and well-being of our communities, we firmly believe in the transformative power of nature," said Mrs. Francine Côté, Chair of the Board of Directors at Desjardins Ontario Credit Union. "As part of our Working Together For Local Projects campaign, we invested $500,000, in 2023, towards sustainable projects all across Ontario. As a result, we are proud to announce that the Healthcare Planter Program was selected to receive financial support through this initiative. We are excited to promote an ecological approach to healing in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario."

The Foundation is also proud to announce a partnership with Root in Nature to enhance the impact of the JASMA Healthcare Planter. "Therapeutic horticulture is a powerful tool for healing,” shared Alexis Ashworth, Founder & CEO of Root in Nature Inc. “We look forward to empowering healthcare institutions with the knowledge and resources available to facilitate the integration of the healthcare planter into their care plans and foster healing environments through the transformative power of nature."

The Forget For A Moment Foundation is inviting individuals, businesses and organizations to get involved and support the donation of healthcare planters. Each $1,250 donation, unique or cumulative, paired with Desjardins Ontario Credit Union’s commitment, will enable the acquisition and delivery of a JASMA Healthcare Planter, directly benefiting those in need and fostering a culture of plant wellness in healthcare settings.

Unique donors will receive recognition on a JASMA Healthcare Planter plaque. All donors will be recognized on the donor list on the Foundation's website, and all will receive a tax credit for their contribution. Additionally, unique donors will be invited to an official event in May, celebrating the recipients of the first 30 JASMA Healthcare Planters.

To make a donation, please visit the website at


Forget For A Moment Foundation

Michel Gauthier, President CEO

613 301 4554

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