The mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planter is now available
November 18, 2023

LONG-AWAITED NEWS - An innovative project completed

LONG-AWAITED NEWS! – An innovative project completed!

An adjustable support on wheels for the interior garden planter. A functional product especially designed for people with reduced mobility, giving them year-round access to gardening activities and the benefits of Nature inside healthcare establishments.

THANK YOU to our Founder & Emeritus President, Jeannine Lafrenière, who initiated, this project in May 2021, managed it and brought it to fruition, AND the multidisciplinary team in healthcare that participated in the design and development of this adjustable support on wheels, and who both volunteered on it:

-Angela Nauleau-Javaudin, student at the Faculty of Medecine at the University of Montréal;
-Residential and Long-Term Care Centres (CHSLD) managers and professionals : Eric Gagnon, Kim Morin, Sophie Bonin, Caroline Demers from Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (OIHSSC), AND Joanie Doucet, Franck Camus, Gracita Pickering-Bourdeau from Montréal East Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (MEI IUHSSC)

CONGRATULATIONS to Montréal-based DKDI Inc., who manufactured the final product of the adjustable support on wheels for the indoor garden planter. 

AND a final THANK YOU to MV Industrie of France, manufacturer of planter inside stand, for their invaluable advice offered free of charge on the construction of the inside of the support.

Our foundation looks forward to introducing this innovative product to healthcare facilities!

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