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About the Foundation

The Forget For A Moment, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a registered charity at the federal and provincial level in the provinces of Québec and Ontario. It was founded in 2012. 

Registration Number: 820767887 RR 0001

Our Story

What We Do

We promote awareness among healthcare institutions about the importance of integrating nature within their premises. In pursuit of this goal, we fundraise for the donation of natural structures and health planters.

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Living Walls

A living wall (green wall) is a self-sufficient garden where plants grow attached to a vertical structure, most of the time getting their water and nutrients from a hydroponic system.

Why you should invest in a living wall

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JASMA Healthcare Planters

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Our Mission

The Forget For a Moment Foundation strives to offer moments of tranquility, awe, and happiness by introducing the beauty of nature to those who lack access, through the establishment of living walls and health gardens in hospitals, residential and long-term care facilities, and health centers.

Our Vision

As the representatives of the Forget For a Moment Foundation seeks to persuade leaders of hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities across Canada to consistently integrate spaces for nature within their establishments.

Patients and residents in institutional settings, as well as their families and caregivers, will use these spaces to contemplate the wonders of nature and appreciate its soothing power. This will increase awareness and respect for nature’s calming effects, and thus incite users to want to protect the environment.

How will we get there?

To achieve this goal, the Foundation will:

  • Work with stakeholders in the health, nursing home and long-term care sectors to introduce the concept of green spaces in these living environments, with a view to enhancing quality of life.

  • Engage the institutional, professional, and private sectors to increase, plan for, develop and apply the financial resources needed to carry out its new community projects.

  • Ensure its own survival by making its expanded service offering known to its target clientele and by formalizing certain organizational functions to engage donors, health authorities and volunteers.

Our Core Values

We always strive to operate by our fundamental values.

Icon value human focus

Human Focus

Our goal is to ensure better quality of life by using nature to capture people’s attention and promote an exchange to alleviate anguish and suffering in our communities.

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We want to make the benefits of daily access to nature available to everyone who visits hospitals, health centres and seniors’ residences, as well as those who work in these settings.

Icon value innovation


We fund leading-edge projects that meet all health standards and are aesthetically appealing.

Icon value enviro awareness

Environmental Awareness

We are happy to help promote more respect and concern for the environment, because we know that nature is an integral part of our daily lives.

Icon value holistic health

Holistic Health

We help raise awareness of nature’s therapeutic benefits to enhance physical and psychological well-being, while also increasing inner joy and calm.

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We proudly facilitate innovative projects for the benefit of our communities, patients, elders, and caregivers.

Why We Do It

When nature is made accessible by bringing it indoors, patients and residents in institutional settings, along with their families and caregivers, will begin to experience its healing power first-hand.

The Forget For A Moment Foundation believes that this will help develop a new and deeper respect for the healing power of nature and a heightened desire to ensure that nature is protected and respected.

How We Help

Icon patients


Contact with plants relieves the anxiety and stress associated with physical and mental health problems.

Icon families


Nature’s presence in the indoor environment supports family caregivers and helps them in their care of their loved ones who need it.

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Health Professionals

Access to nature in health care centres and residences for seniors provides relaxation to health care workers and other types of workers.

We thank our donors and partners