The mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planter is now available
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JASMA Healthcare Planter

The mobile and adjustable health planter, created for healthcare facilities to deliver the benefits of nature to those without access, is now available.

Bring nature to those who need it

The Foundation requires $2,750 in funding to donate a mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planter, which includes the cost of purchase, taxes, delivery, first planting, and support services.

Our Progress
Amount raised: $2015

About the project

In the summer of 2021, we started to work on the project of a planter with a mobile support, starting with a prototype developed on a volunteer basis by Angela Nauleau-Javaudin, the goal being an indoor planter able to service long term care and heath facilities. The prototype was shared with CHSLD Lionel Edmond and CHSLD du Pontiac to provide feedback on how this new participatory way to offer the benefits of nature was effective.

In 2022, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Foundation’s founder, Ms. Jeannine Lafrenière, we innovated by teaming up with a partner, DKDI Inc. to respond to CHSLD health professionals asking for a mobile adjustable planter. Following testing of a new prototype at the CHSLD Lionel Edmond, comments and suggestions were used to improve the creation of a unique mobile and adjustable garden planter, which we now call the JASMA Healthcare Planter.

In 2023, the Foundation teamed up with the Montreal Botanical Garden, to put to trial the concept of the healthcare planter at the CHSLD Benjamin-Victor-Rousselot in Montréal. Again, comments and suggestions were used by DKDI to improve the healthcare planter’s ability to effectively service long term care and heath facilities.

2024, and we are now, with your support via donations, ready to donate mobile and adjustable JASMA Healthcare Planters, expressly developed to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility in long term care and heath facilities.

Healthcare Planter Benefits

The JASMA Healthcare Planter serves multiple purposes:

  • - Enhancing the ambiance of healthcare environments by creating a calming and comforting atmosphere.
  • - Providing a source of relaxation and stress reduction for patients, residents, and healthcare staff.
  • - Offering opportunities for horticultural therapy and engagement, promoting physical activity and social interaction.

Project feedback

Montage jardinage CHSLD Aylmer 2022 02 31

"Let me tell you about the course of a beautiful afternoon at the CHSLD Aylmer..."

...we note amongst the residents a certain curiosity, and perplexity: "A gardening bin for the interior?" "Wow good idea, the residents will love it!!", exclaim the employees...

"The cold earth feels good to the hands," said one lady. "Oh I love the purple plant!" said another....

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Kim Morin
Manager responsible for the CHSLD Aylmer

Special Thanks

The Forget For A Moment Foundation wishes to thank all the CHSLD healthcare professionals that supported and assisted this initiative and made possible the development of the Healthcare Planter. We also wish to thank Mr. Claude Vallée of the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec, for is precious advice and the DKDI Inc. team, that believed and ensured the development of a quality JASMA Healthcare Planter, ready to bring nature to long term care and health facilities.

Can I Donate by Mail?

Yes. If you would like to make a donation by mail, download, print and fill out the Individual Mail-In Donation Form. Afterwards, mail the completed form and your cheque or money order at the following address:

Forget For A Moment Foundation
4301 – 2199 Saint-Louis Street
Gatineau, Quebec J8T 5L4

Your cheque or money order must be made out to:
Forget For A Moment Foundation.

Our registered charity number is 820767887 RR 0001.

Do You Issue Tax Receipts?

Yes. Official income tax receipts are issued for all donations. If you make a donation online, you will receive your receipt via email. In order to receive your income tax receipt by mail, please ensure your return address is correct.

As per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, donation tax receipts must bear the name and the address of the donor. Thank you for your generosity!