Give wings to the living wall of the Orléans Health Hub.


« Giving this wow moment! » The Forget For A Moment Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude towards the following campaign ambassadors. With their support and involvement, those community leaders have come together to pledge their efforts towards the realization of the “living wall” at the Orléans Health Hub. The campaign seeks to reach over 1,2 million households through our social media presence. Why not consider joining their ranks? Contact:

Team lucie mercier gauthier

Lucie Mercier-Gauthier

President of the Orléans Health Hub Fundraising Campaign

“Nature offers both what nourishes the body and heals it, and fills the soul, heart and mind with wonder”. Pierre Rabhi, French writer and ecologist (free translation). This quote confirms the need to bring nature inside health care establishments, because it helps them become more humane and therapeutic. This is the reason why I have been part of the Foundation since 2012."

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Team michel gauthier

Michel Gauthier

Board Chair of the Foundation & Executive Director of The Canadian Garden Council

"Access to nature should not be a privilege, it is a need. Hence my motivation to join the Foundation and make nature accessible to those who cannot visit it."

Alain pineau portrait

Alain Pineau

CEO of the Foundation

“Since I was a young boy, I have had a passion for plants and gardening. It was totally natural for me at retirement to embrace the mission of the Forget For A Moment Foundation to bring nature inside health care facilities and seniors’ residences.”

Omer livvarcin

Omer Livvarcin, PhD

CEO, Vectors Group 

“Imagine the impact of the flowers you bring home. They change the whole atmosphere. Now imagine the impact of living walls in hospitals. Imagine their impact on patients and their families, imagine their impact on doctors and nurses.”

Marc Chénier 525x525 2 copy

Marc Chénier

CEO, Fondation franco-ontarienne

"The campaign corresponds very well to this quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, an XVIIIth century French philosopher, “Were it possible to bring a man back to his natural state, we would see a happy and satisfied creature… thus nature makes man happy and good.” The Forget For A Moment Foundation fulfills perfectly this inspiration of liberty as expressed by Rousseau. And it is for us to get inspired by it!"